Our vision is for every team to be a digital business

With that vision, we created Assembler - a powerful platform to build, automate, manage, and scale web applications, without limits.

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Power, speed, and safety for every possible role

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Change Maker
Create Better Business

A better customer experience, trusted service, seamless compliance, and happier staff. Assembler supports the Change Maker to drive digital transformation.

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Create New Business

Taking calculated risks requires support from great partners; Assembler supports test-and-learn to get to market in as little as 10 days with outstanding quality.

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Risk Manager
Create Quality business

Ensuring compliance and quality obligations are met in an environment of constant change, requires tools that can flex to quickly incorporate new requirements and validate existing data.

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Create Sustainable Business

Driving a digital agenda using cumbersome technology and over-stretched resources is thankless. Assembler provides a secure, nimble and easy to manage capability.

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The Platform

Assembler brings the moving parts together to create streamlined applications

A simple yet powerful builder experience

A complete set of intuitive drag and drop tools for business analysts and SMEs to assemble complete web applications.

Provisioned with development tools designed to easily create scripts and advanced queries, on top of a full web enabled building platform, with true version control and collaboration built in.

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Manage every tech layer in one place

Assembler is a complete DevOps system, managing all development and production environments through a single platform.

Giving freedom to choose how to manage recovery, availability, and resource consumption from one place.

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Designed for security and resilience

With the power and flexibility to write and run custom code in a SaaS environment.

Assembler isolates your scripting in a sandbox environment providing you with full autonomy to get creative.

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Assembler is the single tool you need, to make building and maintaining a web application seamless, now and into the future.

The Assembler platform allows you to create pages using our drag and drop builder, design automations, manage users, test changes live, and much more.

Drag & drop theme builder
Pre-built user interfaces
User management
Resource documentation
Staging & production environments
Drag & drop form builder
Cloud hosting
Designed for security and resilience
Version control
Custom workflow management


A complete solution to empower business

Assembler is your complete toolkit to enable teams to reach for new market opportunities and solve business problems. Explore some common categories of solutions, to discover what Assembler can do in your business.

Digital Products

Be the digital disruptor, creating user-centred products to enter new markets or protect existing business.


End-user self registration
Two factor authentication
Analytics & Data Visulations

Process Compliance

Solve the cost vs compliance problem by digitising every process. Eliminate manual processing, converting the ad-hoc into endorsed, verifiable, auditable workflow products.


Document Outputs
Custom Workflows
Custom Roles and Groups

Reporting, Filing & Lodgements

Now you can automate data collection, calculations, sign-off workflow, document generation, and then automated electronic lodgement (with Bond integration) for easy reporting.


Bond Integration
Custom Workflows
Custom Roles and Groups

Business Applications

Leverage Assembler to solve a range of common business problems - case management, action management, workflow and approvals, content management, tracking, and reporting, with security, audit and analytics.


Multiple Applications